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Jun 20, 2012

Closing cycles

Hi folks,

Long time without any update, sorry about that :-(

As you may know i was working on Kandor's next feature film... and yes, 'I was working' because I decided to take a break on my carrer, at least for a few months, and try to find myself again.

In the last years I learn a lot as rigging supervisor, my role changed from be working on technical stuff to work with people's motivations and manage crisis on a production environment... the downside is I'm not sure if be 'a manager' is what makes me happy. I really miss the old days being the 'smart guy', looking for clever solutions to some rigging related thing or whatever... I don't know, lately I wasn't having fun with my job anymore and I felt lost.

Anyway... it's too early to make any conclusions, the only thing sure is that the last 3-4 years at Kandor have been awesome and I'm really thankful to everyone for that!

I'll miss you guys :-)

Plans for the future?
I don't know, right now I just wanna rest and take some time to think about all this... maybe in the next entry.



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  1. Hi Cesar, I hope you find your motivation again. As tech artists we always need a good chalenge to use our brain to the limits till we find a nice solution. Hope to see you 100% again soon.
    See ya
    Fabio MussaRLZ